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Ready for the fight

Ready for the fight



Organizing for America


Sergio --

Just over a week ago, President Obama submitted his first budget and made it clear he was ready for the fight to come.

The President isn't alone. We're ready for that fight too -- it's what you built this movement for.

Watch a video I recorded announcing our new initiative, the Organizing for America Pledge Project:

Watch the video

Americans are ready for the bold new direction this plan offers. It's what they voted for in November, and it's needed now more than ever as we continue to face an unprecedented economic crisis.

But the special interests and old ways of Washington won't go away easily. In fact, they'll only fight back harder.

It's up to you to organize support for President Obama's plan throughout the country. It's the only way we'll get the change this country needs.

Take the next step now in our fight to bring change:



Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America


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Sergio -

Bueno, sabes decir "translator" en la lengua del Imperio, je, je... Es un paso....

Si tuviera tiempo, tenía que ir bajándome los vídeos de Mr. President y subtitulalos en cristiano.... Ayyy, si tuviera tiempo... cuántas cosas haría si tuviera tiempo.... y si tuviera una escoba, ya de paso ;-)

Velda Rae -

Cagonros, esto de la globalización idiomática va a acabar conmigo. Voy por el google translator. ;-)